Create Cool Floor Lamps with Your Own Hands

There are different types of dorm essentials people are using today. Lighting fixtures are some of the most important ones of them as they can perfectly enrich the decor of any home, read ab doer 360 reviews. If you love your family and house you probably want it to be the most comfortable, beautiful and cozy. To reach this goal of yours you will need to make up an ideally planned task concerning lighting for your residence. While selecting the necessary lighting fixtures take into account not only their quality and look but also their functionality. You are always free to think about creating some cool floor lamps. It can be done with the help of old hardbound books. And this tutorial will be of great assistance for you in this task.

So, to make cool floor lamps with your own hands you will need the following things: hardbound books (as many as you wish, from this the look and height of your lamp will depend), 1/2" drill and 3/8" drill bit, screwdriver, jigsaw, lamp kit, tubing cutter, 1 threaded lamp pipe (it should have the same length your lamp will be), screws (#10 by one inch), threaded pipe connector, 1 nut, a piece of 5/4-inch-thick pine board, and a nice lampshade.

Prepare the book that will be the bottom of your lamp and lay it on the piece of wood (better pine). Take a pencil and trace around this book. then cut out the shape you have created with the jigsaw. Further, three holes should be drilled through the wood and the book. In this way, the wooden piece will be well secured and there will be feet under the bottom of the used book. Stack few washers onto three screws, and then insert the screws in the openings you have drilled before. The stack of washers will function as a base to hold the lamp off the floor for the wiring to be run from underneath.

Next, a hole has to be drilled through the center of your book. Keep the wooden baseboard as its reference point. Due to this opening the threaded pipe and wire will be able to go through. Now it's high time for you to drill a hole through the all the books. Put the threaded pipe gently through the book opening you have chosen as the base. Secure this book to the wood with the help of the nut and stack the books onto the threaded pipe.

About half an inch of threaded pipe should be left for making connections for the lamp kit. Then the wire has to be fed from the lamp kit into the pipe and from the base to the pipe top. Install the lamp harp and add the socket for the future bulb. Consider the manufacturer's instructions when connecting the wiring. It's also highly recommended to use an energy-efficient LED bulb for its longer service. Finally the lamp should be tested by switching it on. Locate the lampshade into its place and enjoy your new cool floor lamp!

The books can be left as they are or you may use scrapbooking paper or burlap for covering them. In this way, they will get a newer and fresher look. The same method can be used for making cool floor lamps from plastic cola bottles or cookie tins. So, upcycle your household objects with use and enjoy your new and, what is even more important, functional dorm essentials!